360 K9 Group

360 K9 GROUP


VWK9, is the founding company of 360K9 group, our flagship Professional Canine Academy is one of the largest in the U.S. at 320 Acres. VWK9 is recognized as the most innovative, forward-thinking, and scientifically backed private sector K9 company in the world. VWK9 is the innovator of the body-worn explosive/firearm detection canine capability and the only provider in the industry that has actively deployed Body-Worn Canines for Mass Pedestrian Screening for the last decade. Our Canines are the only lab tested scientifically proven explosive detection canine, and our patented technology and training processes are a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence. VWK9, LLC provides Certified Canine Team services to various private entities to include, Major League Sports, Collegiate Sporting Venues and Universities, Entertainment Arenas, and Security Managers and their organizations Worldwide. VWK9 also offers trained and untrained canine sales and handler education, specializes in explosive detection and body-worn capability, our scientifically proven and patented training processes are a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Coast 2 Coast K9

Coast to Coast K9 is a leading Small Woman-Owned Business (SWOB) that specializes in Government Contracts and provides Canine Detection Team Services to the Travel, Entertainment, and Hospitality Industries.  C2CK9 is best known for its stellar reputation for integrity in business, consistency in delivery, and excellence in quality and performance. C2CK9  works collaboratively with clients and colleagues to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect with a dedicated commitment to the continuous improvement of canine team services.  C2CK9 has 25+ years of experience in the K9 detection field means, with over a decade of experience supporting canine requirements in maritime, and provides Canine Detection Team Services and training to the world’s most recognized theme parks and family entertainment venues.

Cargo Screening K9

We have made it our mission to offer the best-in-class cargo screening services in the industry.  Our dedication to excellence helped CSK9 to become the first company to obtain the TSA Third-Party K9  certification for our teams. We have continued our dedication to excellence by becoming the first to receive the DHS Safety Act Designation for our cargo screening technology. We have a national operations and support footprint, with dedicated regional offices and canine training centers, including the largest K9 training facilities in North America with dedicated training areas to replicate CCSF-K9 cargo screening operations. Our footprint includes some of the largest airports in the world, including Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This expansive footprint allows CSK9 to deploy fully certified teams within days of an executed contract. Our active participation and involvement with the TSA and external organizations, alliances, and partnerships, have proven essential to the cargo screening industry and our success as the best-in-class canine service provider in the private market sector. These relationships allow for ease of adaptability and the ability to provide effective and efficient solutions to consistently meet the needs of our clients in this evolving and fluid threat environment.

US Canine Biathlon

The U.S. Canine Biathlon is the most challenging, rewarding obstacle race of its kind. The USCB is a race where dog lovers and their four-legged friends take on a course full of mud pits, tire climbs, steep hills, and much more. The event is modeled on courses used by K9 trainers and working dogs around the world but is open and accessible to everyday dog owners. Human runners from 4 to 74, with dogs ranging from dachshunds to Great Danes, have completed the course in what many describe as the most rewarding thing they have ever done with their pet or working dog.

Hosting and fundraising for this event allow us to make contributions to organizations that benefit working dogs, K9 handlers, law enforcement, schools, and veterans around the United States. The US Canine Biathlon is an emotional event that means so much to so many people, and we want to give back to our community in every way we can.

Southern Coast K9

Southern Coast K9 (SCK9) is a has distinguished reputation for providing canines, and handler/supervisor education to the Law Enforcement community since 1988.  SCK9 is adaptive to client needs and understands that LE-L9’s serve in dual-capacity and diverse community roles within the community and ensures that canines selected demonstrate the highest level of sociability, trainability, and boldness that are imperative to their success when deployed in a variety of roles within the active law enforcement environment.  SCK9 has sold more than 4,250 canines to over 300 separate federal, state, local, and county Law Enforcement and the U.S. and foreign Government Agencies. SCK9 Training Academy provides highly skilled dogs, Master Trainers, and a comprehensive curriculum in an open, communicative, empowering environment, providing LE the greatest opportunity to protect and serve. SCK9 maintains full-time staff Trainers, Instructors, and Kennel Staff, a 10-acre outdoor training area, an 80 run indoor facility, an 8,000 sq. foot indoor training area, and a canine agility course.